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From humble beginning Aminur Rahman the son of a humble rice merchant come to this country with hopes in making it in the food industry.As a boy he worked in the rice field.

 “If you can work in the rice field, you can do  anything”.

With this mantra his mother thought him, the inspiration came to open Raja,Cambridge. Bringing fresh Sylheti Cuisine to the Cambridge public. Feeding the best minds of the country has been his life biggest success.

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Inspired by the 700 rivers of Bangladesh, Over the many years of eating Sylheti cuisine from the hand of his mother, the inspiration came to Aminur to make his menu. With vibrant flavours from Cumin, Turmeric, Tamarind  bringing a explosive taste to each dish.

The signature dish of the Raja is our Lamb Shank, the envy other Indian restaurant throughout the shire. Slow cooked to the point of falling off the bone.


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